Eva North was born in Sleepy Hollow, New York and lived in America until she was two. For the past seven years, Eva has not been allowed to leave Moscow as the result of a custody agreement and Russian family law. She is fluent in two languages and studies classical guitar.

Eva has provided voice narration for commercials and interactive media, including Muchavka and the Giant by Oksana Grivina.

Whale is her first on-screen appearance as an actress. 

LEILA GRAY as the Announcer

Leila Gray is an English actress and voiceover artist. She studied Russian and History at University College, London before heading to Moscow to work as a journalist. While there, she interviewed a Russian Flamenco dancer who convinced her to take an acting course at the Moscow State School of Dramatic Arts. She then returned to London where she acted in theatre and film, sometimes translating Russian plays into English. She has been living in Europe for the last seven years, first in Berlin and now in Amsterdam. Leila continues to act, do voiceovers, translate and enjoy the clashes of culture she observes. She is working on improving her Dutch and did not speak Japanese before her role in Whale.

SOPHIE VIAN as Sophie Renard

Sophie Vian was born in Siberia to a Georgian mother and a French father. She is a member of Russia's Junior Olympic Women's Basketball team. 


Born in Takamatsu, Japan, Junsuke Kinoshita is a director, a fortune-teller and an actor. After studying under the actress Kaori Momoi, he has appeared in several film and television productions in Japan, Russia and Europe. 

Junsuke’s short film “Maskake Line” (2007) won a People’s Choice Award at the Tokatsu Film Festival and screened at the 42nd Japanese Film Festival in Moscow. In 2012 he began production on a film about a former Bolshoi Ballet dancer, Morihiro Iwata.

 Dmitry Shatskiy


Dmitry Shatskiy was born in Smolensk, Russia and studied mathematics, data processing and analysis at the High Military Institute in St. Petersburg. He served as a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet and the Russian army for thirteen years before transitioning to a career in the Russian stock exchange and bank management. 

Dmitry recently became a grandfather, and enjoys travelling, drawing and painting. Whale is his first foray into acting.

JHON PERS as Jhonny

Jhon Pers was born in in Tbilisi, Georgia and lives in Moscow, Russia. As captain of the Georgian National Water Polo Team he led them to win a number of championships.  

Jhon enjoys entertaining and is a specialist in Georgian wines and spirits. Episode 1 of whale is his first experience as an actor. 


Natalia Dvoretskaya was born in Russia. Coming from a military family, she moved many times, living in Germany and France. She is a graduate of the Vakhtangov Theatre Academy. Her first film role was in Cold Souls with Paul Giamatti. During her extensive career in Russia Natalia has played a number leading roles in films and television series. She also acts in the theatre. Whale is her first experience with an independent production.